Welcome to the Marrieds and Families Ministry!

I have the pleasure of leading this ministry with the help of my beautiful wife Shauna. Our heart is to see the families of CCEA fall more in love with Jesus, period! We don't have all the answers but the Bible does, so come and join us for one of our Bible studies and we can grow together in our love for God and people.

If you don't feel comfortable joining a group of strangers for Bible study, send us an email and we can grab lunch sometime and get to know one another. We look forward to meeting you. 


Mike, Shauna, Kaydence, Micah and Ember



Friday 2-7        Family Camp

Sunday 18       Training for Labor of Love Festival 

                               @ Calvary Chapel of the Harbor 

Friday 25         Harvest Crusade

Friday 31         Labour of Love Music Festival



Thursday 5  Colossians Study for 4 weeks. Must attend 3 of 4.

Thursday 12 Colossians Study for 4 weeks. Must attend 75%.

Thursday 19 Colossians Study for 4 weeks. Must attend 75%.

Thursday 26 Colossians Study for 4 weeks. Must attend 75%.

Sunday 8      Kids Carnival

Friday 27     Men's Retreat 


Friday 4                Hoedown, BBQ, Line Dancing 6:30pm

Friday 27-29     Men's Retreat 

 Who's Invited?

Marrieds and Families ministry is for married and engaged couples in their 20's, 30's and 40's or if you have children under age 18.  

Is there childcare?

Yes, we have childcare at all of our Bibles studies at at many of our events.

Is there anything for couples who are a little older?

Yes, there are several small groups that meet weekly at our church for couples of all ages. 

What if we don't have kids?

Our group is a good mix of couples with and without kids, so don't let that be an excuse. 

Why don't you guys ever do ___________?

Fill in the blank. If you have suggestions for events you would like to see us do, we are open to new ideas. 

Is there anything just for men?

Yes, "Man Up" meets on Mondays at 7:00 PM, and there are two early morning men's studies at 6:00 AM and 6:30 AM on Thursday and Friday respectively. For details just call or email.

Email Mike for any information you may need Mike.Williams@cc-ea.org