Wedding Application

Dear Bride and Groom,


So you’re getting married - Congratulations!


Here’s how the application process works:


1. Due to the high volume of use of the church, we must limit weddings to those who attend here at Calvary Chapel East Anaheim.


2. Read the letter from the elders regarding marriage. Click here


3. Fill out the wedding application and return to the church office or email it to


4. Your application will be submitted for approval by Pastor Bob and the Elders.  We will then contact you.


5. We will check on the availability of the church for your requested dates.  There are no weddings on Saturdays, past 1:00 pm.


6. We do not hold receptions or rehearsal dinners in our facility.


7. The cost for use of the facilities is $300.00. Included in this cost is the use of the facility for your rehearsal and wedding, a sound man and service coordinator. Once your application and wedding date has been approved, we will need this fee to reserve the church.  Make checks payable to Calvary Chapel East Anaheim.


8. If you plan to use the Sanctuary for a December wedding, please note that it will be decorated with Christmas décor, which will not be removed until January 2.


9. If the pastor you request is available, we will accommodate your request.  However, it may be necessary at times to use a different staff pastor.


10. After your application has been approved, a wedding coordinator will give you a call, or email, to send you an order of service sheet which will help you understand and plan what elements are needed for your wedding.


Dear Wedding Applicant:

Marriage is a very serious and sacred decision. God’s word has given specific parameters for it to be honoring to Him. Please read all the scripture passages listed. 

Pastor Bob and the Elders of Calvary Chapel have established certain minimum qualifications for receiving and processing applications for marriage. Since the basis of these requirements are from the Bible, we will not consider any wedding application where they are not satisfied.

1. Both bride and groom are “Born Again” believers.

2. Premarital counseling is required (3 session minimum). Your counseling will be handled by one of our pastors. You can also fulfill this requirement by attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s six-week pre-marital class. Call (714) 979-4422 for information on when their next session will begin. 

3. No application will be accepted by any couple who are living together or involved in premarital sex. We believe the “marriage bed is undefiled” Heb. 13:4 only when a couple is committed to complete chastity before marriage).

4. Divorce Issues (Mal. 2:14-16) 

The applicant (who is divorced) was the “divorced” (not the divorcing partner) and the divorce was a direct result of “unequal yoking” (1 Cor. 7:12-15)

The applicant (who divorced their previous spouse) did so because their spouse had been unfaithful sexually (Matt. 5:32, 19:1-12).

Other than these explicit provisions of scripture, the clear command is given in 1 Cor. 7:10-11.

After reviewing these guidelines, if you qualify to apply, please fill out the application and return to Calvary Chapel East Anaheim at 5605 E. La Palma, Anaheim 92807 or email it to

The Elders of Calvary Chapel